SEIWA Tokonole Leather Finish Burnishing Gum

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Tokonole penetrates deep into the leather fibres and suppresses fluffing from the root for a long period of time. It is blended with natural wax. It forms a soft and durable film while retaining the natural texture and feel of leather.

This product is water based, non-toxic, and has no unpleasant smells. You can use any finishing agent or pigment even after using it. 

Even if the leather becomes fluffy during use, it can be repaired at any time.



<Smooth the fluffy back surface>
1. Spread thinly on the leather surface. It cannot be used for brushed leather (nubuck, suede, etc.). If you have sensitive skin, please wear vinyl gloves. Spreading with your fingers is the easiest and most efficient way, but you can also use a spatula.

2. When the Tokonole is semi-dry, rub it with a glass plate (will be in stock soon). The fibers are suppressed and gloss is obtained. Or you can rub it with a microfiber cloth. At this time, if you apply too much force, the leather will stretch and the thickness will change, so be careful.

<Smooth edge (leather edge)>
1. Take a small amount of Tokonole on your fingertips and apply it thinly on the edge. Wipe off the Tokonole that sticks out of the edge as soon as possible. Leaving it on will cause stains.

2. When the Tokonole is half-dried, polish it with a wood edge burnisher to prevent fluffing. You can also polish it with a soft cloth.

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